How good will your demo be when you take advantage of my special Demo package? Listen to an example by Natalie Friedman and others.

Natalie Friedman- Natalie is so talented her Demo needed 3 tracks! Here is just one of them in which she showcases some of her many voices! click here to listen

Vashity Boateng- Youthfull &Upbeat!  Click here to hear her demo!

Celia Salgado- Friendly and professional personality! Click here to hear her demo!

Tiffani Knowles-Has a bright fresh and energenic style! Clich here to hear her demo!  

New Demos added on a regular basis..

Click here to listen to Cecilias demo!!

Cecilia Jourdan..A talented actress and voice over artist! Young, warm and smooth. French native speaker

Justin Blake Click here to listen!

Justin Blake.  .Positive, energetic, warm, upbeat,natural sounding  !

Morgan Paige  click hrer to listen to Morgan!

Morgan Paige..Friendly; Conversational;  Young/Upbeat; 

Kevin johnson click to listen

Kevin Johnson: Warm, Conversational,  Regular Guy

David Andrews  Listen here to Davids demo

Davi Andrews-  Friendly, warm, conversational

Tanesha Ross  Listen here 

Tanesha Ross  Character, Easy going, Cool

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