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Thank you to everyone who attended my seminar on MAY 29TH 2014.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and trust that you found it an informative session. Please keep checking this page for the date of my next seminar. Thanks again to Actors connection for the opportunity and check out some of their other classes and seminars..

FREE SEMINAR-"How To Prepare Yourself For Your V/O Demo!" with Richard Bianco, Owner, On the Air Production Studios 12:00 pm - Are you a V/O actor who doesn't have a V/O demo? Or do you have a V/O demo, but it's not getting you any results? As you know, to be really successful in this industry a great demo is essential. It's how representation is gained or an agency interview is garnered. But how do you prepare before you record? How do you market yourself within this area? What is your voice type? Are you even ready to record your demo?

There are so many questions and Actors Connection is thrilled to have in today one of NY's top specialists in V/O demos-Richard Bianco from On The Air Studios. In this free seminar, Richard will be answering all these questions as well as providing great information on categories of voice over work; which abilities are most important; how to select a recording studio; what type of training is necessary; the length of a demo; who should it be sent to; what the industry is looking for in voice over talent, plus much, much more. Attendees will also get the opportunity to read V/O copy for Richard with feedback followed by a Q&A. Richard Bianco has more then 25 years of experience in broadcasting and audio production. At On The Air Studios, Richard prides himself in providing one-on-one service to his clients in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.


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