Phoebe H.
 Manhattan, NY  

Richard creates a relaxed and encouraging environment in which an actor to do his best work. He wants his customers to be absolutely satisfied with the product and has the patience to make that happen. Richard will treat you as a unique individual and make recommendations tailored to your talents!




Short and sweet... Richard is one of the best. Professional, knowledgable and efficient. A keen ear, and great musical taste in background music for VO demos. Under his tutelage I am a better student. I would strongly recommend On the Air studios.
Randi H.


Hi Rich,
              Thought you'd like to know "A Cabin Tale" is now for sale on, and in a few days will be on itunes and The little sales pitch (with the sample sound bite) looks good. Thanx for all your help.



Victoria G.    I originally worked with Richard to create a demo voice over reel. I was a complete novice at voice overs and he helped me create a totally professional reel which has gotten me in to many auditions. My investment in this reel was very reasonably priced and my earnings in voice over work far exceeded the cost within a year. Since then, I enjoy working him to put auditions on tape. The price is right, he helps bring out the right performance and I don't have to clutter up my Manhattan apartment with sound equipment which doesn't sound as good as Richard's. 

Mr. Bianco is extremely knowledgeable about what he knows and knows best, working with fledgling voice-over actors, finding them copy that they can shine on and giving the proper tools to attack your copy and make a great first impression, even if you have to do it twice. A fantastic conversationalist, Richard has the gift of gab that won't want to make you run for the door but listen and interact. I'm glad I took my time to find him and I am blessed to know that he took the time to help me start a dream of mine. Thank you again Richard and I hope that anyone who's looking to get into this game, will give him a look, review his track record and get your demo done with him at the helm.



 "Rich made recording my demo a comfortable and fun experience. He was open to my ideas while also giving constructive feedback on what would sound best for the demo. I am glad that he is very experienced and helped me pick material which suits my acting and voice type. I have recommended him to friends & they are eager to get started too!"Natale Friedman...



Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for creating a great demo for me! I appreciated your professional insight and positive easygoing attitude. It was a pleasure working with you on my demo and I could not be more happy with the finished product. I will always recommend On The Air Studios! Stefi Pietrofesa



  Rich has a welcoming, warm and friendly personality that is contagious, after my coaching session with Rich I felt confident and ready to take on the world. Rich's coaching techniques helped me reach my greatest potential and I am so happy with my demos. I would recommend Rich to anyone who asked me for a voice over coach and demo.   Celia Carmen



Richard Bianco was an absolute joy to work with. He truly helped bring the best out of me during our sessions. The environment he creates for his clients is caring and supportive. In fact, he does above and beyond his role as an engineer. He coached me through much of my insecurities. I would love to work with him in the near future.-
Tiffani Knowles
Managing Editor/Station Manager
NEWD Mag/NEWDradio -
subsidiary of MRYS International, Inc.


Thanks again for the great work! Working with Richard Bianco was a pleasure. He worked to find material that would fit me & he gave great direction to help give me a good performance. I'm very happy with the finished demo & would recommend him to anyone looking for a voice over cd.


Dono Cunningham

The great news is that I am now with CESD! The interview went really well and they loved my demo. I am freelancing with them since they never sign international voices. Thank you again!


What a great experience it was to work with Richard Bianco! I recorded my first bilingual Voice Over demo with him (English-French) and I am so pleased with the results. Richard is truly passionate about his work and it is delightful to work with him. He definitely knows what he’s doing and recognized that most actors don’t have a lot of money. So not only is he very professional and knowledgeable but he is also very affordable. I highly recommend Richard and I’m sure you will have a great experience with him."
Cecilia Jourdan




Working with Richard Bianco was quite an experience. I knew nothing about the voice over profession, besides the fact that it was a career I wanted to pursue. I had no idea where to begin until Richard guided me every step of the way and gave me the constructive criticism I needed to hone my craft. He helped me produce a seamless voice over reel that has gotten me plenty of auditions. My sessions with Richard was well worth my time. 




I couldn't be happier with my voice-over demo! The quality is
flawless, and the music and sound effects elevate each spot so the
entire reel has that professional edge. The best part of using On the
Air Studios, though, is having the pleasure of working with Rich
Bianco, who drew out my best performances with his kind, clear
feedback and easygoing demeanor. I'd recommend working with Rich at On
the Air Studios to anyone looking for a sharp, polished demo and a
delightful recording experience. Morgan Paige



For years, people have always told me, "You have such a nice voice".  After 25 years of teaching, I decided to see just "how nice" my voice really was.  In my search to find someone to help me in my endeavor, I came across the 'On Air Productions Studio' website.  During my initial meeting with Richard, he immediately gained my confidence, and I began working with him to pursue my new interest in the voice-over industry.  Richard's patience, sense of humor, and artistic direction helped me to record a voice-over demo that I am truly proud of.I now have the confidence in myself to continue to pursue this avenue, and  I can truly say, "Yes, I do have a nice voice!"
Thanks again, Richard.  I really appreciate your work!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.




I recently finished a Voice Over course with On The Air Production Studios. Besides finding them to be very reasonable price wise , I found Richard Bianco to be both very professional and very giving of himself. He had a way of making the experience both pleasant and very relaxing. I would recommend Richard to anyone thinking of making voice over a career as well as to any professional looking to improve his technique. Thank you Richard!


Robin Yellin


Working with Richard Bianco was a pleasure. He has spot on direction, an acute awareness of what the market is, and he put me totally at ease while we were working together. Furthermore, his love of the art shines through on the finished product with close attention to appropriate music, sound effects, and the overall compilation of the selections. I love my voice over reel! Thank you Richard! Victoria



"Richard was really great to work with.  He is very personable which makes for a relaxed, fun and productive working atmosphere.  He never rushes you out the studio and brings very good ideas to the table.  I highly recommend him."  Thank you Richard.  Pippa Paulson



I was very very pleased with my end result. I feel confident in my demo and I can't wait for others to hear it. And the recording process was easy and fun! Many Thanks Richard! - Jenna Martinez




Richard made me feel very comfortable making my 1st demo. He brought
laughter and experience to my sessions. I would go back to him in a
heartbeat! Thank you for the motivation and dedication. I'll come
Alysha Pearlburg




Dear Richard,      I would just like to thank you for your incredible direction on all five VO demos.  The animation effects and music were right on the mark, as were all of the musical selections for the commercial and foreign language copies. I hope to be able to work with you very soon. My very best to you,Al DiRusso (Actor & Voice Artist)




Hey Richard. I just wanted to say "Thank You" very much for "all" of your help.Once we got to work, it wasn't work it was fun. I had my ideas down and I was ready to go with my copy, but after listening to your direction and us tossing ideas back and forth....all I can say is........ I LOVE MY DEMO.  Feel free to use me as a referral anytime. I am still amazed at the cost and quality..... Thank You Very Much

Roy Braswell Jr




 You always want a collaboration with someone who will showcase your vocal talents to their richest, most diverse potential. Rich bianco is unique among professionals I have worked with in NYC and Europe. He is a sweet joy to work with, gives infallible, patient coaching, and never compromises on the quality of the final product. Rich is the ultimate professional, and his work is inspired and non pareil.

-Maaret Durant





I am very pleased with my V/O demo at On The Air Studios. Working with Richard, for me, was more like a collaboration than a solo project. I appreciated and was open to his professional insight, suggestions and creative ideas. All of which only served to perpetuate my own creative thoughts and improve the final copy. Many thanks to Richard!"
-Alan Smith




I signed up for one of the many packages available that included studio practice time and voice evaluations, it was Richard's direction & in depth knowledge of the Radio business that helped me produce that all important demo tape that got me my first on air job as a radio personality. Today, I work weekends on air at Long Islands Greatest Hits...B103. On the Air Studios is family to me and I am  proud to call Richard my friend.
Bob Ryan-B103





I really enjoyed working on my voice over demo at On The Air Studios.  Rich is very personable and accomodating and guides you through the process with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He makes you feel very comfortable at the microphone and has a great knack for matching your voice and personality to commercial copy. 



If you are looking for a savvy professional to produce your V.O. Demo, then
Richard Bianco is your man. He knows what the current trend is in the
industry and he will make your demo look as good as it sounds.    I am
forever grateful Rich!
Well, my demo speaks for itself - so check it out at
Max Cargill - Actor, Voice-Over Talent





Rich, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You came highly recommended 
by my voice over instructor and obviously so.  I felt comfortable and 
relaxed in your studio and that allowed me to make the most of your 
excellent coaching... now if only I can find a way to take you with 
me on my auditions...  I am more than pleased with my demo and will 
spread the good news about 'On the Air Studios' as much as possible!  
I began with posting it on my website:




Rich.. Thanks sooo much for your time,guidance and work connections! I couldn't have picked a better place to put my V.O Demo together!  Thanks a bunch! - Osas





Rich! Thanks again for everything! My manager is VERY happy with how everything turned out! It was a pleasure working with you!Blessings,Hayley





Working with Richard was a wonderful experience!  I visited a few places before I decided to go with On the Air Studios.  Richard gave me the one-on-one attention that I needed and worked until I was satisfied with the finished product.  I didn't feel like I had to rush through the process.  We tried all kinds of copy and my final demo reflects the versatility of my voice over talent.  I loved working with Richard and you will too!  Check out my voice over demo online at





Richard is everything you want in a voice-over coach
and demo-maker! He is patient, kind, has the
facilities to make air quality commercials, and, most
importantly, he has the ear and business savvy to push
your work toward what the industry expects in a
voice-over artist. I am constantly recommending him to
my friends.

Matthew Benson




"I have worked with Richard Bianco for many years and I can attest to his keen knowledge of  broadcasting and voice-over technics. I highly endorse On The Air Production Studios".

Joe Franklin - Bloomberg Radio





On-the-Air Studios is a gem and a rare find for voice over artists in this competitive industry and Richard Bianco, the owner, director and voice coach, is a first-class pro at his craft. Richard takes the time to work with you to produce demo tapes that showcase your talent; and if, like some of us, that talent is still raw or unpolished, Richard?s gentle coaching, keen ear and skills will help you find and refine your winning voice. On the Air Studios is, by my experience, the best in the business. Moronke Oshin-Martin




"Richard Bianco has been a true blessing. He talks to you, Coaches you, and when your at the microphone he just knows what to do with you. The man is brilliant at what he does"

- Jonathan B.






"Richard Bianco offered the best deal in town for me when I was looking to break into the voice-over market. He helped me develop the skills to approach copy and make adjustments in the recording booth, skills which will ultimately prove just as valuable if not more so than the demo.....I had a great time working with him and wholeheartedly recommend the experience".

George P.





"Richard Bianco at On The Air Sudios is not only an expert craftsman and technician....he is a superb director and voice coach. He has a finely-tuned ear and captures and reproduces the vigor as well as the sublest texture of a vocal performance with crystalline precision".
Donald W.


420 Lexington Avenue

new York, N.Y 10170

Phone: 646 830 0070









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